NUAC: Nordic Unified Air traffic Control







NUAC HB  is a joint subsidiary owned by Danish Naviair and Swedish LFV and certified as an ATS-provider by the authorities. From 1 July 2012 NUAC HB is running the three ATCCs in Copenhagen, Malmoe and Stockholm and provides en route operations to DK-SE Functional Airspace Block (DK-SE FAB) plus delivers Operationel Support accordingly to formal agreements with Naviair and LFV.

NUAC HB is a lean and efficient organisation with 11 persons directly employed. All other full and halftime employees - which actually counts approximately 750 employees -  is on secondment from Naviair and LFV. The ATCCs and all other equipment are also on secondment to NUAC, but remain Naviair’s and LFV’s property. As owners the two mother companies decides the investments strategies and delivers the technical maintenance.  


The company leads the harmonisation initiatives in the DK-SE FAB.

As the primary goal for NUAC, the company are making good progress on the implementation of a range of efficiency improvement initiatives, e.g. through Airspace and ATM Systems harmonisation. The primary aim is to ensure both high cost- and flight effeciency.
NUAC’s activities will in the longer term contribute to a reduction in the airlines’ costs for both ATM and fuel . The initiatives is to have a positive effect on the environment and the climate by cutting the airline companies’ CO2 and NOX emissions.

As the first integrated Air Trafic Service Provider to deliver ATS to a FAB, NUAC company will create substantial synergies – all for the benefit of our airline customers, passengers, environment and the Danish and Swedish society.


Historic data for NUAC HB

• 1 JAN 2011: Integrates Danish and Swedish support units i one common organisation and starts providing Operationel Support
• 17 NOV 2011: Implement Free Route Airspace in DK-SE FAB
• 1 JUL2012:  Takes over and operates ATCC Copenhagen, ATCC Malmoe and  ATCC Stockholm and provides ATS in DK-SE FAB.



NUAC HB  is legally registered as a Swedish company (HB = "Handelsbolag") and the small formal headquarter is situated in the central Stockholm:

Klarabergsviadukten 63
Box 196
101 23 Stockholm


Executive Management

Peter Fältsjö, CEO

Jesper Skou, COO

Lennart Björk, CFO

E-mail to NUAC administration > CONTACT

For general information regarding the NUAC company, the DK-SE FAB or points of contact, please visit the official websites of the Air Navigation Service Providers:

Denmark: www.naviair.dk or mail to: info(at)naviair.dk
Sweden: www.lfv.se or mail to: lfv(at)lfv.se or

E-mail to NUAC Communication Co-ordinator > CONTACT


(Updated in June 2013)

The NUAC programme and the developing of the Danish/Swedish FAB was co-financed by the European Union's TEN-T programme 2006-2010.